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Okay, I really don't ask for favors very often of anyone on here, or anywhere else online. But I'm asking for a favor now. I've entered a contest on called "Ground Level Photo Contest". And all I ask is that you vote for my photograph. One simple click is all I ask for. I would really love to win. This is the photograph of mine that I entered in the contest:
Spider on a leaf by celticpath

Here is the link where you can vote:…

Just scroll down a little on the page until you see the blue "Vote Now" button on the right.
Thank you so much for your votes! :)
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R.I.P. Robin Williams by celticpath
*UPDATE*- Oh my gosh! I am very honored, flattered, and a bit humbled by the attention that my Robin Williams tribute has received! I wish it was for something happier than this, but, as one of my friends says, "It is what it is" (and I promise that I don't mean that in a cold-hearted way). 
 photo Robin_Williams_favorites.png

And as of this writing, this deviation has received (in the last 1 day & 22 hours since I uploaded it) 235 views, 30 Favorites, 1 Download, and was also requested by, and submitted to, a group dedicated to Robin Williams fan art! :D I think that's the most attention that any of my deviations has gotten within just a one and a half day time span! :)
And please don't get me wrong about my reaction to this. I don't mean to take anything away from such a sad and tragic event. I'm just happy that one of my deviations has received that much attention. That's just something that I'm not used to (except for my "Wiccan Pride" stamp). Thank you so much to everyone who has viewed, favorited, and downloaded this deviation! And I'm thankful to :iconchampsrobinwilliams: for adding my deviation to their group gallery. :) 
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I just watched a video that The Huffington Post shared on Facebook. It is so amazing! Remember the photo that Ellen DeGeneres tweeted at the Oscars this year? Well, a girl named Heather Rooney did some magic with that picture and some Prismacolor pencils.
Here's a link to the article: You Won't Believe This Drawing Of The Oscars 2014 Selfie Isn't A Photograph

And here's the video:

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How many of you actually read my journals? I'm just curious to see if it's just a waste of time, or if anyone actually reads what I write in them. If I receive no responses to this, then I guess that will be my answer on if I should even continue writing journals on here anymore.
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I just found out this morning about the two fires in Colorado today. One in Black Forest, and the other at one of my favorite places there- the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. This is so sad. :( Just about everything at the Royal Gorge Park was destroyed. Thankfully the animals are okay, and the bridge and toll booth are (for the most part).

Here are a couple of articles from the Denver Post about the Royal Gorge:……

Here are some updates about the fires from KRDO (a Colorado t.v. station):

"Black Forest Fire is now 30% contained and reached 15,500 acres.
2 were killed and 473 homes were destroyed as a result of the fire. Investigators believe the 2 people who died were trying to evacuate. The Black Forest fire is the most destructive fire in Colorado history. Last year, the Waldo Canyon destroyed 346 homes.

Here are some important phone numbers...
*** Black Forest Fire information line: Call 719-444-8300 ***
*** Black Forest Fire investigation tip line: 719-444-8393 ***

All mandatory evacuations inside Colorado Springs city limits were lifted Friday afternoon. Those areas are now under a voluntary evacuation.

Here is a map of the areas that are still under evacuation.…

Royal Gorge Fire is now 65% contained and 3,162 acres. The Royal Gorge Bridge is still intact, but 48 of the 52 structures at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park were destroyed. No homes were damaged by the fire. Today, firefighters will focus on strengthening the fire line on the southwest side of the fire. If you lost power during the fire, please visit"

Colorado is my favorite state that I've lived in and visited. So this really broke my heart when I found out about it.
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Journal Entry: Wed May 22, 2013, 5:11 PM
I'm so extremely LIVID and upset right now!!! Somehow, someone managed to hack into our computers, and wiped out pretty much everything, except for some of my old stuff that my husband had moved to a separate drive. But all my recent artwork, pictures, various documents, browser bookmarks, and saved passwords are all gone. Whoever did this knew what they were doing, and is apparently really good at hacking Linux computers. Because my husband had our computers very secure. My husband said he has an idea of who it was, but unfortunately has no way to prove it, or track them, because they used a proxy. My husband & daughter lost all of their stuff, too.
I hope Karma kicks the butt of the person who did this, really hard for what they did to us.

DANGIT! I just remembered some other stuff that got wiped out, too. All of our music, files and pictures from old backups that my husband had saved a while back are now gone, too! GRRRRRRR!!!! :evileyes: MAN I wish I knew who did this!!! :angered: :steaming: :pissed: :frustrated: :furious: :pissedoff:

Background by Shimaira
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Cartoon Dream

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 30, 2013, 11:50 PM
Okay, so  last night I had a series of dreams, all of which were a bit strange (as are most of my dreams. lol), and none of them had to do with one another. But there's this one dream I had in the series, that was reminiscent of "The Incredible Mr. Limpit", or "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", in the sense that I was in the real world, but there were these crazy looking cartoon bird-kinda things that looked like Mother Nature's idea of a joke (like the platypus- a combination of different animals).
Well, as soon as I woke up, I did my usual waking up routine (go to the bathroom, wash my hands, get a glass of sweet tea), and while washing my hands, I remembered those crazy looking birds from my dream. After drying my hands, I immediately went and grabbed my tea, my sketch book, and pencils. I started trying to draw what I remembered of these creatures from my dream, before I forgot any details. So I finally got it all sketched out, and cleaned up my lines. Then shortly after, I got on Inkscape on the computer, to try to digitally re-create my drawing. Got the drawings done, got the coloring done. Then it was off to Gimp to do some touch-ups. In the process of drawing this in my sketch book, a name for these characters came to mind, so I wrote it down real quick. The name sounded really cute. :) Well, I finished doing my touch-ups in Gimp, and went and put both my creatures together into one document (one creature is an adult, the other one is a young version). Then, I went and typed the name of the creatures. Well, I wanted to use just the right font for this, and unfortunately I couldn't find one to suit me in my list. So, off to I went. They always have great fonts. Well, in the middle of looking for a font, this thought suddenly popped into my head to do a Google search for my creatures name, to see if it had already been taken. To my dismay, it had been. :( It's the name of a video game character. What's the name you ask? It's Gubble. Just a random name/word that came to my mind, that I had NE-VER heard of in my entire life online or offline. And it was taken!!! GAAAAHHHH!!!

So. Now I have the "wonderful" (and I mean that in the most sarcastic sense possible) task of trying to come up with a new name for my creatures. YAY ME!!

What gets me is, my husband or daughter will be playing Skyrim, and will be starting a new character. So they ask me to help them come up with a name for their High Elf or Nord character (or whatever kind of character they're starting). And I just rattle off whatever name that hits me. But if *I* need to come up with a name for something of *mine*, I can't come up with anything to save my freakin' life!! :x :faint:

Then, after I finally think of a name for these characters/creatures, I need to decide what to do with them (besides let them sit here on the computer). I had a surging thought of maybe combining all the crazy creatures that I've created over the last year or so (however long it's been), and maybe start a cartoon series on here (not like an animated thing, probably more like a comic strip maybe). And if I were to do that, in a way, I'd kinda be doing something that I used to dream about doing when I was a kid (other than being a photographer), which is being a cartoonist. But, the only problem is, I'm better at drawing than I am at writing scripts. Sure, I've done a wee bit of songwriting off and on over the years, written a poem here and there, and even started on writing a children's book based on a cartoon character I came up with when I was in college. But a comedic/situation writer I'm not. lol I will be the first to admit that I couldn't write for a comic book, much less a comic strip, to save my life. lol

So, I guess the future of my cartoons will be up in the air for a while, until I can figure out how to solve this problem. :shrug:

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I've  decided to put my hat into the ring, and try out for the Robert Rodriguez film "Two Scoops". No, I'm not auditioning for an acting role (I'm more of a "behind the scenes or camera" type person).  I'm going to try to be one of the "missing persons" poster people. It's the easiest role of all. lol All I have to do is submit a photo of myself, and that's it. lol And frankly, I suck at memorizing stuff (I do good to remember stuff about myself sometimes. lol), so that's another reason why I'm trying for this part, and not the acting part.
I think this will be something really neat. Especially if I'm lucky enough to be one of the ones to get chosen. :)

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After going through a bunch of hoops, I've finally managed to get myself a new Twitter account. And, I also have a fairly new Facebook page. My Facebook page is actually my old "The Southern Image Photography" page, and I just changed the name of it. But I wiped the page clean, and started fresh. So. Please go "like" my page, and "follow" me on Twitter. :) Here's links to both: Twitter :twitter: : Facebook :facebook: :…
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Awesome news about my search for my sister!!! :D

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 23, 2013, 4:53 PM
After 22 long years of searching, my sister, Liz, has finally been found! She's alive and well, and living in Florida. My search angel friend found her yesterday, along with her adopted parents. And my husband found them on Facebook! I got to talk to Liz's adopted mom on the phone yesterday, and talked to Liz on Facebook for 3 hours last night. :D
We're all SOOO excited and happy! I'm on cloud 20 right now! :D Liz is so pretty and sweet! :) And she and I have SOOO much in common! This is so incredibly awesome! :D
Other than getting my jewelry business off the ground, my life is now complete! :D I can't wait until we all get to meet in person! :D

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One step closer!

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 21, 2013, 9:20 AM
I'm one step closer to finding my half-sister, Beth, whom I've been searching for, for 22 years now! :) I was finally able to get in touch with Beth's mother's other two children (who are grown) this week. :) Sadly, their mother died last April, so it will make my search a bit more challenging. And, the fact that I found out that my half-sister was put up for adoption when she was little (and I have no clue when or where her mom did this). And, unfortunately Beth's other siblings don't really know anything about Beth, because they said their mom was pretty vague about Beth, and never really talked about mine and Beth's dad. But, I've got an adoption search angel who's been helping me with my search. She's actually the one who led me to my half-sister's other half-siblings. :)
So, keep your fingers and toes crossed for me that between Beth's other siblings, my search angel and I, we'll be able to find Beth. I will never give up on my search unless/until I have to!! ;)

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It is with a sad and very heavy heart that I write this journal. My cousin, Jason McClelland, lost his battle with cancer on August 9, 2012. He was 36, and leaves behind a wife and two children.

A Facebook page has been created in his memory.

In memory of Jason McClelland by celticpath

:cries:  :tombstone: :tears: :rose:

I am dedicating my journal and dA profile to helping my cousin Jason who is currently battling cancer.

My cousin, Jason McClelland, is fighting a rare cancer in his kidneys and intestines. The doctors aren't sure yet what type of cancer it is. He was diagnosed the first week of June 2012.

He's 36 and married with two children (a son and daughter. His son is 17, and his daughter is 10). He's a really sweet guy who is fun to be around. He loves his family very much. And I very much want to help him and his family.

Jason doesn't have any kind of medical, life, or burial insurance. So there is a lot of debt built up from this. According to, the following are the costs that Jason and his family are most likely incurring:

-Procedures (for diagnosis or treatment, which can include room charges, equipment, doctors, pathologists, and more)

-Lab tests (blood tests, urine tests, and more)
Imaging tests (such as x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, which may include radiologist fees, equipment, or medicines)
Radiation treatments (implants, external radiation, or both)

-Drug costs (inpatient, outpatient, prescription, non-prescription, and procedure-related)

-Hospital stay (which can include many types of costs such as drugs, tests, and procedures as well as nursing care, doctor visits, and consults)

-Surgery (anaesthesiologist, operating room fees, equipment, surgeon, pathologist, and more)

Not to mention the expenses that his family are paying for gasoline and food when they visit him. Also, there are the bills that he has at home to pay, to include his visits to the doctor and medicine before he was admitted to the hospital.

The money donated will help Jason and his family to be able to focus more on him getting well, so they won't have to worry as much about the financial end of it.
Because worry and stress can cause problems as well. The money raised, will go directly to Jason's family.

Jason has been in the hospital for about a month now. And from what I've been told by two family members, he is coming home today. Hospice will be bringing him a bed. But there are still medical bills and other expenses that need to be taken care of. So if you can, please donate. If you can't, please at least share the link below.
And please feel free to share this deviation everywhere you can.
It would be very much appreciated.

Please donate whatever amount you're able to (no matter how large or small). And please keep Jason and his family in your prayers.

You can donate and share by following this link:

Thank you in advance, for your donations and prayers. :heart:

This is a recent picture of Jason:


dA Stamp Collectors/Lovers- Your Attention Please!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 10, 2012, 11:29 PM
I had an idea pop into my head recently that I think would go over really great here on dA.
All of us here on dA know how popular stamps are here, and how people like to collect them. What if people were able to get their favorite stamp(s) printed onto lapel pins? I know I'd do it if I could.

This is something that could be offered along with the other items that can be purchased in the 'Prints' shop. And they would be great fun to collect! :) Think of the possibilities of where you could wear them- shirts, jackets, hoodies, purses, backpacks... the possibilities are endless! And, you could even get stamp pins to promote your Cause (ex: Breast Cancer Awareness, Autism Awareness, Marriage Equality, etc.), or your favorite charity! :)

I sent a note to :iconspyed: about my idea, and he asked :iconlaurenkitsune: to respond. She said there are several ways for people to submit ideas. One of the places she suggested is the suggestions forum; or to do a mock up of it and spread it around the site. She said for me to: "Get people to feature it, get people to fave it, get people to promote it as a Daily Deviation. When something rises through the ranks with unmatched speed, our staff has no choice but to take notice. :)"

So, that's what I did. I made a mock up of a stamp lapel pin: Stamp Lapel Pin mock up by celticpath  And, I also made a stamp like the one in the picture, that you can post in your journals, profile, etc. You can check it out here: I Love Pink by celticpath

And see? That would be another benefit to having a pin of your favorite stamp. Not everyone is a Premium Member. So this would give everyone the chance to enjoy their favorite stamp! It's a win-win! :D

What are your thoughts on this? Would you buy a pin of your favorite stamp if it were possible?

If you really, truly like this idea, PLEASE fave it, share it, feature it, and even promote it as a Daily Deviation! :) (It'd be really cool for me to get my first ever DD from this. :) )

Thank you all in advance for helping me with this! :)

Check it out!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 2, 2012, 4:14 AM
Okay, so I've told y'all about my jewelry page on Facebook, and my website. Well, I now have my jewelry available for sale online! :)
Just click here. I will also soon be adding my latest jewelry to my store and Facebook page as well. So keep an eye on both places regularly to see when a new item is added. :) And, you can also follow Createss Designs on Twitter for the latest info.

Check it out!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 2, 2012, 4:13 AM
Okay, so I've told y'all about my jewelry page on Facebook, and my website. Well, I now have my jewelry available for sale online! :)
Just click here. I will also soon be adding my latest jewelry to my store and Facebook page as well. So keep an eye on both places regularly to see when a new item is added. :) And, you can also follow Createss Designs on Twitter for the latest info.

YESSSSSSS!!!!:excited: After 4 years of being a Deviant, I've finally made it to, and past, the 10,000 pageviews milestone!! :D I've been offline for a couple of weeks due to a crazy busy schedule lately, so I'm just now seeing it. lol Thank you SOOOO much to everyone who has viewed my artwork & page,  :+fav:'d my work, and added me to your :+devwatch: list! It really means a lot to me.
So, here's a big hug from me to you: :glomp:
Now, if only I could get some prints sold.... lol

My new venture

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 21, 2012, 12:39 AM

I decided that since I only have a couple of more days left of my premium membership here on dA, I'd update my journal with my new custom skin, and do a shameless plug for my new business. :)

I am now designing unique and (mostly) one-of-a-kind jewelry, purses and handbags.
Well, I've actually been doing this for a while, but I've just recently decided to turn it into a business.
My business is called 'Createss Designs'.

You can view my designs, learn more about myself and Createss Designs, and follow me here:

My website:
My Facebook page:

And you can follow me on Twitter: @createssdesigns

I don't have my jewelry up for sale online yet (I'm still working on getting that done).
But, you can still go and see what I've created so far, and keep up with my latest designs. :)

I will also possibly have a booth at the Tomato Festival in June, here in Crystal Springs, MS.,
where I will be selling my jewelry (and possibly some purses).

The Tomato Festival is an annual event where they have live music, contests, games, food and drinks,
arts and crafts and various other types of vendors. The festival takes place on the last Friday and Saturday in June.

2012 Createss Designs. All Rights Reserved. No unauthorized use of this journal skin allowed.
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I've entered dA's "Cute Monsters" t-shirt design contest, and I am really needing a lot of votes, because I really want and need to win. I'm trying to get my jewelry/purse design business started. I don't have a consistent income, so winning this contest would really mean a lot to me.
Here's a link to my entry: Stand for Peace with Maurice! by celticpath
I already have some jewelry made, but I'm running out of supplies to make more (wire, beads, etc.), and can't afford to get everything I need right now. If you'd like to see what I've made so far, check out my Facebook page:…

Thank you in advance for your votes! :)

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